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36" x 30" First Responder CLEAR Burn Wrap Water-Jel (in canister)

36" x 30" First Responder CLEAR Burn Wrap (in canister)
Manufacturer: Water-Jel®
Manufacturer Part No: 3630-04
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WATER-JEL®  First Responder CLEAR 36" x 30" Burn Wrap  (in canister)
* NEW gel is clear, smooth, water-based and fragrance-free *
The smallest and most versatile of the single use fire blankets.
Packed in a canister.
Can be used to extinguish flames and smoldering clothes.
Ideal for covering torso, leg or entire back injuries.
Water-Jel Fire Blankets are a one-step system for emergency first aid on a burn victim. The blanket puts out the fire, stops burn progression and cools the skin, relieves pain and protects the burn area from contamination.
  • Provides a consistent Standard of Care for burns
  • Delivers cooling comfort of water - in a pre-saturated non-woven pad
  • Soothes pain on contact
  • Compatible with burn care protocols - especially for more common burns of <15% BSA
  • Utilizes a clear, smooth, lightweight, water-based gel
  • Allows for visual assessment of burn injuries at any time
  • No pre-wetting or re-wetting required
  • Odor-free
  • Contains hyaluronic acid and MikroKill
  • Shelf life: 5 years from date of manufacture
  • Single Canister @ $71.75 each
  • Case of 4 Canisters @ $243.00 (only $60.75 each)


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