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Periodically check the contents of your first aid kits:

     ♦ Check expiration dates and dispose of outdated medicines

     ♦ Check expiration dates on burn creams, gels and dressings

     ♦ Order items to be in compliance with OSHA/ANSI requirements 
        specific to your industry; BBP Spill Kits for example 

     ♦ Anticipate your needs for the next 6 months - Consolidate orders
        whenever possible to reduce shipping expenses

     ♦ Order extra supply of the items you use most frequently and 
        restock your kits as needed

     ♦ Replace all items that are missing or running low

     ♦ Ask co-workers for a list of additional items they would like to 
        have in their first aid kits and add a few of these to each of your kits
        so they more adequately meet the needs of your staff

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