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CPR Resuscitation Kit #F40-407 (Case of 18)

CPR Resuscitation Kit  #F40-407, w/ 4 CPR Barrier Masks
CPR Resuscitation Kit  #F40-407, w/ 4 CPR Barrier MasksCPR Resuscitation Kit  #F40-407
Price: $341.10 per case
Item Number: F40-407CS

CPR Resuscitation Kit

Contains the items you need to protect yourself when performing CPR.

The plastic cabinet measures approximately  7" x 6" x 2 ⅛".   

Keep in a convenient location that is close at hand when seconds count!

Contents include
  • 4 Dynarex CPR Shields, single-use, mouth-to-mask rescue breather with a one-way valve and mouthpiece that distances the rescuer from the victim
    • Prevents mouth to mouth contact during CPR
    • One way valve eliminates blow back to caregiver
    • Plastic bite stick is 1.125" wide x 1.125" tall (28.5 mm)
    • Individually poly bagged
    • Contains detailed instructions
  • 4 Cleansing Wipes
  • 2 Pairs Medium Nitrile Gloves
  • 2 Pairs Large Nitrile Gloves
  • CPR Instruction Pamphlet
  • Laminated N.Y.S CPR Sign

 The contents of this kit are intended for use by people trained in CPR technique

A Guide to Complying with New York State Regulations

What is Required?

New York State law requires the availability of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) masks and gloves to protect rescuers. The NYS Department of Health developed regulations in response to this law. These regulations require the operators of certain public places to have CPR equipment available in an accessible area to ensure that patrons and/or staff can access it for use and bring it to the victim within 3 minutes of onset of an incident.

What Must I Do To Comply?

These regulations require you to provide the following equipment and patron notice at your facility:


  • Two FDA-approved adult exhaled air resuscitation masks
  • Two FDA-approved pediatric (child) exhaled air resuscitation masks
  • Four pairs of disposable gloves
  • Information Label on the equipment

The equipment must be placed in an accessible area so that it can be brought to the victim within 3 minutes from the start of the incident. If the facility is large, or has barriers, additional sets of resuscitation equipment may be needed to meet the 3-minute requirement.

The operator must replace used mask and gloves within 4 days (96 hours) of an incident.

Resuscitation Equipment: FDA approved face shields with one-way air valves are acceptable equivalents to exhaled air resuscitation masks.


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