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Many Types of First Aid Kits to Choose From:

       • ANSI • Aviation • BBP • Burn • 
Contractor • CPR • EMT
       • Eye Care • Farm • Flu Personal Protection • General Use
       • HF Acid First Aid •  HF Acid Spill • Industrial • Logger's
       • Pool • School Bus • Snake Bite • Sports • Travel • Welder's

Types of Cabinet Materials:                    

Plastic - PP (polypropylene)
       • Plastic - 
HIPS (high-impact polystyrene) 
       • Metal (powder coated steel)
       • Waterproof (cabinets by Pelican and Seahorse)
               - Non-gasketed cabinets are designed for indoor use
               - Gasketed cabinets can be used indoors and outdoors

More information about OSHA / ANSI.

Kits that meet or exceed ANSI/ISEA Standard requirements
Designed to treat the types of injuries often sustained around small planes and their hangars
A selection of empty bags, cases and cabinets
BBP KITS - Designed for the absorption and disposal of potentially harmful blood and bodily fluids
Burn Kits Containing Gel Burn Dressings
Kits contain the items needed for protection when performing CPR
Ideal for individuals with EMT and First Responder training
Designed to meet emergency needs in the workplace, home, auto, shop and boat
HF First Aid Kits and HF Spill Kits Containing Calgonate® Gel and Calgonate® Eyewash
Available in HIPS (high-impact polystyrene) and metal cabinets
Kits specially designed for use around public pools * NJ has adopted new regulations for 2018...varies by pool size *
School Bus First Aid and Body Fluid Clean-up Kits
Logger's, Personal Protection, BBP Clean-up, Mercury Clean-Up, General Use, Eye Care, Farm, Electricians, Welder's Kit and many others
Kits contain a variety of first aid items to treat sports and outdoor-related emergencies
Designed for use in cars, trucks, campers, and recreation vehicles
Kits with unitized contents
Economy Kits Available in 10, 25 and 50 Person
Serving Areas With Large Groups of People
Kits in Waterproof Cases by Pelican and Seahorse
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Youth Camp Health Care Supplies
*** NEW ITEM *** Youth Camp Health Center Supplies
Price: as low as $52.50
  ***  NEW ITEM ***   Youth Camp Health Center Supplies
Contents Meet NJ Dept of Health and Senior Services Youth Camp Safety Standards Available in 3 sizes, depending upon # of campers
Bleeding Control Kit - Individual
Price: $44.56 each
Bleeding Control Kit - Individual
Bleeding Control Kit - Individual
Bleeding Control Kit - Pack of 4 kits
Price: $175.00 for 4 pack
Bleeding Control Kit - Pack of 4 kits
Bleeding Control Kit - 4 pack
Heat Stress Kit F44085
Heat Stress Kit #F44085
Price: as low as $17.50
Heat Stress Kit #F44085
Heat Stress Kit
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