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Sheer • Woven • Blue Metal Detectable • Knuckle • Fingertip • Butterfly Closure
Includes a variety of Spool and Tri-Cut Tapes for general use, support strapping and securing dressings
Antimicrobial and Germicidal sprays and wipes; Anesthetic and Antibacterial creams and ointments
Burn Kits, Burn Dressings, Burn Wraps & Blankets, Burn Creams, Ointments & Sprays
Best Prices & Same Day Shipping! - Calgonate® Calcium Gluconate Gel & Eyewash, HF Spill Kits, HF First Aid Kits - For all locations where possible exposure to the fluoride ion can occur.
Dressings available in a variety of sizes: Sterile Combine Dressings • Sterile Gauze Pads • Sterile Eye Pads & Eye Cups
Adhesive Bandages, Gauze Roll Bandages, Gauze Pads, Gauze Compresses, Bandage Compresses, Triangular Bandages
To cleanse wounds, scrapes and minor burns
Wrapping Bandages available in a variety of widths and materials: Self Adherent, Elastic, Stretch Gauze, Trianglular
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Bleeding Control Kit - Individual
Price: $44.56 each
Bleeding Control Kit - Individual
Bleeding Control Kit - Individual
Bleeding Control Kit - Pack of 4 kits
Price: $175.00 for 4 pack
Bleeding Control Kit - Pack of 4 kits
Bleeding Control Kit - 4 pack
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